The Importance of Regularly Updating Your Estate Plan

The Importance of Regularly Updating Your Estate Plan

In the realm of estate planning, a common legal opinion exists: Effective estate plan formation is not a once-in-a-lifetime process. Even if one starts with a plan, life is well aware that it is not rigid and accounts for that in some way. Rights that we have now can alter after some time concerning our situations, relations, and perhaps, laws themselves. That’s why scheduling a review and updating of one’s estate plan is an important activity to engage in.

What Happens to My Estate Plan as a Consequence of the Changes in My Life?

Estate planning is as unique as life itself and anything can happen in life and some of these may drastically affect estate planning. Here are some common scenarios that necessitate an update: Here are some common scenarios that necessitate an update:

  • Changes in Family Structure: Concerning the family, marriage, divorce, birth, and death all have an impact on the individuals that one wishes to succeed in the issues of inheritance and the people who should be responsible for the upbringing of children. Having worked with families, I know the current plan may not tally with the current composition and status of the family.
  • Fluctuations in Assets: It is possible that your financial state changes from time to time, resulting in different savings and expenses. Incorporated assets, which include the money received from the inheritance, house sales, or any change in the market price of your stocks, are bound to either increase or decrease the value of your estate or property. They should not reflect the current net worth, and that is why, for the proper distribution, you should use a proper plan.

What Is Tax Law And Why Should I Care About It?

It is, however, important to note that estate tax laws are not cast in concrete or rigid, and in this regard, their treatment may change over time. They can vary substantially to determine how much part of the estate will be given to the family and how much will be given to the state. Making appointments regularly with an attorney helps you make the best out of any new legal tax-saving measures that may apply to your case and also helps assure that your estate is divided in a manner that is optimum for tax purposes.


The investment that people make in the estate planning attorney implies their love and care for their family’s future by allowing them to set up a review at their own convenient time. You’ve got to steer clear from an old model plan that will only impose extra hassles to those closest to your heart.