The Expressionist Of Every Makeup Kit: Eyeliner

‘When eyes are talking, the lips should stay silent’ – a classic old saying that still works! Everything we feel—happiness, grief, excitement, or any other emotion—is best depicted by our eyes. Why else would the eyes of the lover be the muse of every poet and the eyes of every performing artist decked out to communicate without words? Today, we will talk about the backstage support that makes it all happen effortlessly- an eyeliner. 

The cosmetic industry is large and ever-growing. There is a diverse beauty and skincare range for everyone wanting to enhance their natural beauty. While there are extensive makeup essentials available in the market today, we also need to understand the factors involved in picking the right ones for our skin’s health. This article will discuss the importance of using this makeup essential, what an ideal cosmetic routine looks like, and everything in between. 

What is Eyeliner?

A cosmetic product that uses a colored liquid (primarily black) to add definition to the eyes is known as eyeliner. It is applied on the upper lash line and around the contours of the eyes to give them a bold and expressive look. Also known as an eye pencil, it is rightly considered an integral part of every makeup kit nowadays.

These days, it comes in various colors, such as brown, blue, and green. It either comes in a pen-like formation or with a thin brush to ease the application process, depending on your suitability. We also recommend that you opt for the one that is made using only safe and gentle ingredients and has no toxins like SLS or parabens. 

An Ideal Makeup Routine For Beginners

Ensuring the use of the right makeup products in a routine not only makes the makeup look last longer but also gives it perfection artistically. Here is a step-by-step guide to applying makeup and creating a basic, everyday look:

  1. Step 1: Primer: If you want your makeup to look flawless and increase your skin’s holding capacity, it’s important to use a good primer on a freshly cleaned face. It helps set a concrete base by making the facial canvas smooth and soft. 
  1. Step 2: Foundation: Once the primer sets in, apply a good foundation all over your face and neck to brighten the skin and create an even complexion before applying makeup. It can also hide your dark spots or blemishes. 
  1. Step 3: Concealer: From blemishes and acne scars to signs of premature aging, concealer is your route to flawless skin. It hides almost all skin imperfections with perfection, adding a refined finesse to your look. 
  1. Step 4: Eyeliner: Add the wings of expression to your beautiful eyes using a good and water-resistant formulation. You may ornate the upper lash line with bold or pleasant lines, as per your preference. 

Product Recommendation: Mamaearth Soothing Waterproof Eyeliner is just the best example of this product. It is crafted with naturally nourishing ingredients like Almond and Castor Oils to offer a 10-hour stay in just ten seconds of application. This toxin-free cosmetic is waterproof and ophthalmologically tested and free of harmful chemicals making it super safe for everyday use. 

  1. Step 5: Kajal: If you wish to add a bold and expressive eye makeup look, we suggest you apply an eye kajal on your lower lash line. It gives the eyes an enhanced look. Also, It is used to create a smokey eye makeup look. 

Product Recommendation: Mamaearth Charcoal Black Long Stay Kajal is an ideal recommendation here. It has the natural goodness of Vitamin C and Chamomile to add nourishment and soothe eye irritation. This toxin-free eye kajal offers an 11-hour extended stay and is smudge-proof and waterproof too. It is vegan, easy to use, and is MadeSafe Certified. 

  1. Step 5: Lip balm: Just like your facial skin needs hydration, your lips need moisture to look plump and naturally healthy. A mild, gentle, and nourishing lip balm is advised to ensure the lips don’t stay dry for too long. 
  1. Step 6: Lipstick: Pucker up those lips in any shade you want with your favorite lipstick. Just one tip, make sure the shade of your lipstick matches the recreated look. For instance, when following this routine, you may use a light peach or nude lipstick to maintain the no-makeup look. 

How to Pick the Best Eyeliner For Your Eyes?

These days, the beauty and cosmetics industry is increasing. Several products promise super-effective results in an unreasonable time but may compromise your skin’s natural health and appearance in the long run. Here are some factors that you should consider before purchasing this makeup essential:

  1. Ingredients: The ingredients play an important role in determining the product’s performance. To make it the first choice, you should pick the one with more natural ingredients and no chemicals and other substances. 
  1. Toxins: Chemicals, artificial fragrances, and harmful toxins make the product incompetent. You should choose one that does not contain harmful toxins. This will help you ensure sufficient nourishment to the skin without any compromises. 
  1. Budget: Any cosmetic product you pick should reasonably priced. Too expensive or pricey products may seem enriching at first, but they might pinch your pocket in the long run. So pick one that is economical and suits your pocket. 
  1. Benefits: In addition to its main purpose, the cosmetic should also have underlying benefits that make it stand out. For instance, it could be waterproof, offer a longer stay, be easy to apply, etc. 
  1. Comfort: When picking a good cosmetic, be it anyone, you should also check for its easy availability, travel-friendly, and comfortable packaging. It should not have too many precautionary methods and should be super easy to use. 


Cosmetics help enhance facial appearance in more ways than one. Apart from adding precision, they also help add confidence to carry the look effortlessly. Eye makeup products are a necessity, no matter what look you wish to recreate. That’s why owning products like mascaras and eyeliners is so important. 

Mamaearth brings home a blend of diverse and toxin-free makeup essentials, in addition to skincare and hair care products. These cosmetics are a powerful mix of nourishing natural ingredients and modern technology, giving you the desired look with minimal effort. Explore a wide range of nourishing, toxin-free makeup formulations to recreate your desired look with complete care. Blush, heal, and glow!

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