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Technology has increased the need to ensure that everyone in society has access to efficient, high-quality healthcare. The TeCHO+ app, which is an incentive provided by the Gujarati government, is a good place to start for this purpose. The objective of this web and mobile application is to improve data and information regarding the state’s excellent healthcare services. This app’s features, and how it has changed Gujarat’s healthcare system will all be covered in great detail in this article. We’ll also examine the login.

What is Techo+? 


Techo+ stands for “Technology for Enhancing Community Health Operations Plus”. To improve key health indicators in the state and achieve better health outcomes for its citizens. It is a comprehensive public health solution that addresses the multifaceted challenges of timely and proactive delivery of high-quality healthcare. Técho+ speeds up the process by enabling virtual communication between patients and medical professionals. Additionally, it’s not just an app.

Highlights Of TeCHO+ App Details

Name Techo+
TeCHO+ App Version1.0.29
App Size6.8M
Last Updated DateJune 23, 2021
CategoryHealth & Fitness
App Source 

Features Of Login

Features somehow play an important role in the success of the Login website. Given below is a list of the various features of the platform are:-

  • Real-Time Data Entry: Health professionals enter data both online and offline. Every day log-in is required as they receive a daily work schedule on the program.
  • Alerts For High-Risk Cases: The system stratifies risks and generates alerts for the attention of relevant health officials and health professionals, such as medical officers at primary health centers (MO-PHC), district and taluka TeCHO+ coordinators (DTC and TTC), regarding high-risk cases.
  • Tracks Beneficiaries: The AI function tracks beneficiaries and their movements. It also tracks eligible couples and children under five. This is so the health system can provide immunizations and other services for reproductive and child health.
  • Dashboard and Automated Report Generation: Every day, updates are made to the online interface. The reports are generated automatically. They are at the state, district, and taluka levels. Health supervisors can view them.
  • Supportive Supervision and Monitoring: Health professionals can call the hotline number for assistance with any technical issues. Health professionals can instantly get tech issues fixed by the TTC or DTC. They fix operational issues too. They can also offer monitoring. Also, GPS trackers enable real-time tracking of health professionals’ visits and services. They also enable automatic dashboard updates to monitor job progress.

Steps To Register On Techo+

In order to utilize this feature, you must force yourself to register on the portal. To register for an account on the portal, follow the instructions listed below:

  • Step 1: First, you need to download the Techo+ application using the Play Store of your device.
  • Step 2: Once the installation is finished, you need to open the application. 
  • Step 3: After the application is opened then you need to look for the “Login option” which is located on the left-hand side, Under the login option, the “Register” option is available.
  • Step 4: As you press the register option, a new page opens where you need to fill in your personal details, like Name, Designation, Mobile Number, Organization 
  • Step 5: After that, you need to click on the “Send OTP” option, and finally, you have successfully created the account on techno+

Steps To Login

After you have made the account on Techo+, it’s time to learn how to enter the platform. To do that, follow the steps below for login.

  • Step 1: Open your browser and navigate to
  • Step 2: In this field, enter both your login and password. If you misplace your password, you may also reset it. 
  • Step 3: By signing in, you can now visit 

Benefits Of Login

While using Techo+ there are multiple numbers of benefits, given below is the list of the best login:-

  • Convenience: People may get services without visiting government offices. This saves them time and effort. Instead, they are always and everywhere accessible to them.
  • Accountability and Transparency: The platform promotes accountability and transparency. It does this by giving citizens access to data and updates on government spending, operations, and outcomes.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Techo+ Gujarat Gov In reduces administrative costs, streamlines processes, and reduces paperwork, saving money for the people and the government. This is accomplished by digitizing government services and payments.
  • Empowerment: It gives citizens easy access to information and services, which promotes citizen participation in government. This lets people make informed choices. It also lets them take an active role in democracy.

Future Capabilities Of Techo+ App

Techo+ App

Techo+ has become a popular tool. It plays a big part in improving Gujarat’s healthcare system. We have listed below the app’s potential as well as its future capacities.

  • Acting as an Encouraging Source: The Gujarati government’s introduction of this successful app is inspiring a number of other states to work on implementing similar ones.
  • Increased Telemedicine: People are encouraged to use Techo+. It has a powerful impression. It can make medical resources easier to access.
  • Security and Privacy: To ensure that your private information is protected and that no healthcare records are disclosed, it is crucial to always be aware of security and privacy precautions.


The login app represents a significant advancement in the delivery of healthcare services in Gujarat, leveraging technology to enhance community health operations. This full public health solution makes it easy to enter data in real-time. It sends alerts for high-risk cases and tracks beneficiaries. It also makes reports automatically.

TeCHO+ is driving better health outcomes. It does this by simplifying processes. It also improves communication between health workers and patients. This is improving key health indicators in the state. The registration and login processes are straightforward, ensuring easy access for users. TeCHO+ promotes transparency, accountability, and cost-efficiency. It also empowers citizens by giving them easy access to healthcare.


All the details mentioned in this article are based on the well researched and are only meant for the information purpose. Also, the website does not hold any kind of ownership.

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