SU.icloudems: A Complete Cloud-Based Education at Sharda University


Many schools give their students access to many resources. These resources help them raise their grades. One advantage of these schools is having access to the course materials on the cloud. With iCloud’s help, students may access their study resources at any time, from anywhere. For students who are not physically on campus, it is beneficial. In this piece, we will learn more about Sharda University, usually referred to as SU. Further, we’ll also go through the benefits, and features of SU.icloudems, as well as how to log in and change your password.  

Known About SU.icloudems

SU.icloudems functions similarly to other web-based cloud computing services. This is a positive change. Teachers can now watch their students’ progress. They can use the tools to help them get better marks. Sharda University is an address for a cloud storage gateway. 

Every SU student receives their login ID and password for cloud storage as soon as they enroll. Students may save many study tools with this platform. It eliminates the need for them to ever be lost. Students can also increase their iCloud storage capacity at any time.

Features Of SU.icloudems

iCloud Sharda was made to meet students’ academic needs. It includes study materials, uploading documents, fee payments, and more. Many institutions use the iCloud server for their students because of its many advantages. Listed below are some of the main elements you may experience:

  • Secure Cloud Storage: This iCloud provides dependable and quick cloud storage space. Students may use this cloud storage to save digital files. They can save papers, projects, homework, and assignments. However, it helps the academics and instructors. The faculty may easily gather student projects and other study-related materials with the aid of SU.icloudems.
  • Study Materials: A student can access the study material without being at the library. They can do this with the aid of the study materials. Teachers may also use it to make test questions and answer sheets. These are for students’ upcoming exams and evaluations.
  • High-End Resources: Teachers and students can access a variety of high-end resources on the su iCloud. Collaborating on projects and assignments with faculty members is beneficial for students. It helps faculty and students work on projects. These projects need constant monitoring. It also has capabilities like chat, audio and video conferencing, and more.
  • Personalized Cloud Storage: Faculty and students can store personal cloud data at Sharada University. They may exchange their notes, projects, and assignments with their faculty. They can do this without having to talk to anybody else, thanks to this tool. Additionally, it lets faculty give anonymous comments. They comment on students’ projects, assignments, and notes.

Process To Register On Su icloud

From what we understand, the registration procedure is done offline. To follow the steps to establish your account, you must visit the institution. Visit the official website if you have any queries about the registration process. When you come to the place, you need to give your password and login ID to get entry. 

Process Of Su.icloudems Login

The process for Sharda iCloud login is easy to follow these steps. Moreover, before using the login process, students will get their login credentials from administration. The meticulous process to be admitted:

  • Open the web browser and navigate to the official login page.
  • Input your username and password along with other login credentials.
  • For security reasons, use the OTP that was provided to your email address to verify who you are.
  • You will be on the dashboard after logging in.

The platform’s login process is a simple four-step process. Due to security and privacy concerns, students were urged to sign out after completing their assignments. Furthermore, it is recommended that students protect the confidentiality of their Su.icloudems Login credentials. 

Steps To Reset Sharda iCloud Login Password

It’s not a big deal if you forget the platform password. The student must tell the administration department if they get unlawful access. The procedures for changing the password are as follows:

  • Navigate to Sharda iCloud to access the login page.
  • In the “Forget Password” box, click.
  • Refer to the box that appears with your login or user ID.
  • To ensure security, you must complete the captcha.
  • Select the college and branch that best meets your needs.
  • Locate and click the “Submit” button.

Benefits Of Su icloud

If you want benefits from using su iCloud, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll talk about them here:-

  • Effective Communication: The website’s main feature is its communication system. It makes it easy for students and instructors to get in touch. Further, it provides alternative ways to get in touch.
  • Administration: The application provides easy-to-use tools for managing tasks, projects, and much more. It saves important notes and projects. It may be retrieved without any problems.  
  • Easy to save: Using this platform, teachers and students may quickly store their notes, projects, and assignments. Moreover, lessens the possibility of assignments and notes getting lost. 
  • safe and secure. The platform protects the data on the cloud server. It keeps unauthorized users from accessing the storage. Study guides, academic records, and other important data are also protected.


Many schools give staff and students access to the cloud. It gives them many tools and services for study. This tool helps students. It lets them finish their projects and assignments faster and better. iCloud Sharda stores student projects and assignments for a long time. This helps teachers do their jobs more easily.  

Note: The information on this page comes from our study. It is only for education. The official website says some material may not follow the rules. To learn more about the program, visit the official website. You can find the answers to your questions there.

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