Eleanor Talitha Bailey: Biography, Age, Family

Eleanor Talitha Bailey

People are constantly searching for information about the celebrities that they adore. Today’s post will cover every detail there is to know about Eleanor Talitha Bailey. We’ll discover details about her upbringing, family, social media presence, education, and more. So, stay tuned with the article to gather the details about your favorite star kid and her pretty personality.

Who is Eleanor Talitha Bailey?

Eleanor Talitha Bailey, born in the US on February 12, 2015. She is an American citizen and identifies as being of mixed ethnicity. She was raised in a multicultural family and is Christian. The diverse story of the Bailey family, showcasing a wide range of experiences and backgrounds, further complicates Eleanor’s upbringing.


Full NameEleanor Talitha Bailey
Date Of BirthFebruary 12, 2015
Age9 Years Old in 2024
Birth SignAquarius
Place Of BirthUnited States
ParentsDevon Aoki (Mother), James Bailey (Father)
Siblings3- Alessandra Linville Bailey (sister), James Hunter Jr. (brother), Evelyn Bailey (sister)

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Age

In 2024, Eleanor Talitha Bailey age is 9 years old. She was born in the United States on February 12, 2015, and her mother’s side of the family is Japanese, German, and English.

Physical Appearance

Eleanor Talitha Bailey height is 4 feet 3 inches (129 cm) tall and weighs 39 kilograms (86 pounds) She is a small but captivating girl. Even though she is small in stature, her pleasant disposition and attractive appearance easily enchant people around her.

Height 4 feet 3 inches 129 cm
Weight 39 kilograms 86 pounds

Early Life 

Born in 2015, Eleanor is the daughter of businessman James Bailey and talented model and actress Devon Aoki, and began her road to stardom in a modest community. Her roots are in the United States, where she was born and currently resides. In 2024, Eleanor is 9 years old, and she is growing up in a diverse environment.

Eleanor’s family tree shows a staggering diversity of ethnic origins. While her father, James Bailey, is of American nationality, her mother, Devon Aoki, is of Japanese and German descent. As a result, Eleanor gains from having a diverse cultural heritage. Eleanor proudly holds the citizenship of the United States, the nation she loves and calls home.

Eleanor’s upbringing is mostly hidden, as is the case with many public figure children. She grew raised in an atmosphere that combined the worlds of business and entertainment, together with her brothers Hunter and Alessandra Linville.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Parents

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Parents

After getting engaged in 2010, Eleanor’s parents, James Bailey and Devon Aoki, exchanged wedding rings in April 2011. American actress and model Devon Aoki is the daughter of jewelry designer Pamela Hilburger and the late Olympic wrestler Hiroaki Aoki. Who founded the Benihana restaurant chain. Devon started modeling at the age of 13, and by the time she was 16. She was well-known as Versace’s face.

FatherJames Bailey
MotherDevon Aoki

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Siblings

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Siblings

Three siblings make up Eleanor’s family: a brother and two sisters. Alessandra Linville Bailey, her older sister, will be ten years old in 2024 having been born on February 12, 2013. James hunter bailey, jr., her older brother, was born in 2011 and is currently 13 years old. Evelyn, the youngest of the Aoki-Bailey siblings, is 3 years old and was born in 2020.

SiblingDate of BirthAge (in 2024)
Alessandra Linville BaileyFebruary 12, 201310 years
James Hunter Jr.201113 years
Evelyn Bailey20203 years

Net Worth

Eleanor comes from a wealthy family: her father James Bailey made $4 million in wealth. Her mother Devon Aoki is reportedly worth $30 million. The family’s extravagant lifestyle, that includes owning many homes in various affluent communities like Benedict Canyon and Los Angeles. It is a reflection of their wealth.


  • Model Debut: In November 2023, Eleanor made. Her debut in the modeling world when she and her mother, Devon Aoki, landed on the cover of Vogue Japan. This showered her with early modeling potential.
  • Passion for Sports: Eleanor has a strong interest in sports, particularly horse racing, even at such a young age. She demonstrated that she was the top competitor at the Horses in the Park competition in November 2023.
  • Educational Priorities: At eight years old, Eleanor prioritizes her education. Her personal development in order to set the groundwork for her future aspirations.
  • Aspirations in the Entertainment Sector: Eleanor envisions herself following in her mother’s footsteps. If given the chance to pursue a successful career in acting and modeling.
  • Privileged Upbringing: She was able to enjoy many of the advantages of being born rich. It includes an elite education, thanks to her family’s considerable wealth.
  • Mixed Ethnicity: Eleanor’s mosaic of varied ancestry, painted by her varied backgrounds, supports her individualism and cultural heritage.
  • Parental Guidance: She picks up skills from her parents, who emphasize perseverance, academic achievement, and chasing one’s goals.


Eleanor Talitha Bailey is a notable young star from a multicultural heritage. The daughter of model and actress Devon Aoki and businessman James Bailey. At nine years old in 2024, she exudes a unique blend of beauty and talent, influenced by her Japanese, German, and English ancestry.

Eleanor has already made her mark in the modeling world, sharing a Vogue Japan cover with her mother. With a privileged upbringing, a keen interest in sports, and aspirations in entertainment. Eleanor’s future looks promising as she navigates her path influenced by her family’s legacy and her personal drive for success.

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