5 Ways To Save Money On Groceries

If you think the cost of restocking your groceries is rising at a rapid pace, you are not wrong. Shoppers across the country are feeling the strain on their monthly budgets as the prices of everyday essentials are climbing with each passing year.

However, by strategically planning this indispensable expenditure, you can save money a good amount every month. The right strategy would be different for everyone depending on where you shop from, the payment mode that you use, etc.

Let us explore a few such strategies that could help you shop smarter and save money on groceries:

Compare Prices Across Multiple Platforms

When it comes to groceries, most people have store or online platform preferences. However, sometimes the prices for the same item can have a huge difference when you compare them among different sellers. Moreover, a number of online grocery apps like Blinkit, Swiggy Instamart, Zepto, BigBasket, etc.

These are now active in India, you may find competitive rates on everyday essentials. Hence, it is advisable to compare prices, especially when you are ordering groceries online.

Use the Right Credit Card

You can save money a considerable amount on your grocery spending using the right credit card. Some cards offer direct discounts with select brands like BigBasket and Swiggy Instamart whereas other grocery credit cards could provide extra rewards or cashback on all grocery spends, irrespective of the brand.

You can also find cards co-branded with a grocery store. For example, Reliance SBI Card Prime offers up to 10 reward points per Rs. 100 at participating Reliance Stores. Similarly, Amazon Prime members can avail 5% cashback on their grocery purchases made through Amazon.

You can also save money a substantial amount on groceries by using credit cards that offer generous value-back across all categories like HDFC Regalia Gold, Axis SELECT, or Cashback SBI Card.

When selecting a grocery credit card, it is important to compare multiple options and read the terms and conditions around exclusions, capping, etc. You can begin your search for the right credit card on Paisabazaar Platform.

Consider Getting a Store Membership

Most supermarkets have their own membership programs to build customer loyalty. Members usually get additional discounts, deals on select items, free products, early access to the sale season, and more benefits. Such memberships are particularly helpful if you are loyal to the store.

Larger families who have to spend a significant amount on stocking up on essentials every month would easily be able to avail of benefits that compensate for the membership fee. If you plan to become a member, ensure that you would be able to shop enough at the store and maximize the advantages.

Shop Local For Fruits and Vegetables

With fruits and vegetables readily available online through grocery apps, people have stopped visiting the market for these purchases. While groceries and packed goods might be available at attractive discounts online, fruits and vegetables often come with a higher price tag than the local market rates.

You would also have to pay the handling and delivery charges, which again to save money. Hence, shopping for these items from your local market not only helps you save but also ensures that you get the freshest produce available.

Restock During Discount Period For Save Money

Another effective way to save money on groceries is to restock during discount periods. Most superstores run such offers several times a year. You should keep an eye on sales events, seasonal promotions, and special discount periods. You can get information on these through social media, email, or SMS (if you have registered with the store), banners, flyers, newspaper advertisements, etc.

Planning your shopping trips around the sale season allows you to take advantage of lower prices on everyday essentials. You can stock up non-perishable goods and staples in bulk when they are discounted. This could help you significantly reduce your overall grocery expenses.

Make a List and Stick to It

Generally, we enter the store with a few essential items in mind but end up walking home with several non-essentials. With so many items at your disposal, it can be tempting to buy a few extras. However, doing this every time you visit the store can take a toll on your finances.

Hence, you should make a list of all the essentials and follow the same. While it is important to leave room for some impulsive purchases, you should not go overboard as it will end up raising your bills. Groceries make up a considerable portion of your budget and, in this time of inflation, this amount will only go higher.

Hence, it is important to keep the above points in mind and look for opportunities to save. Compare the prices and shop smart using a payment method that gives you additional savings. Credit cards can be quite helpful in this case.

With regular spending, you can also collect coupons that can offset the cost of your next purchase or provide you with additional discounts. You can also consider bucketing your purchases and using different payment modes that give you the highest discount Strategize, shop smart, and save big.

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